30 Day Primer Vol.2: Day 1- Take Care of Your Shoes

In 30 Day Primer Vol.2 by Max Twitty

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Let’s kick off the year on the right foot. I love footwear but last year I neglected some of my investments due to pure laziness, but this year I figured I would turn that around and show a little TLC to my shoes. If you happen to fall into the same trap as I did, then here are a few steps to follow to get your shoes back in shape.

Give Your Footwear Some Air – Your shoes need to air out after you wear them. The best way is to lay them on their side in order to let the air flow evenly throughout. Wait at least 24 hours for the shoes to fully dry and and keep them away from heat. Heat will dry out your shoes for the inside out, which over time shortens the flexibility and durability of the leather. 
Throw in a Tree – Shoe trees are great for absorbing moisture inside the shoes and also maintaining the overall shape. I would highly recommend using these on a daily basis especially in the summer. 
Perform Weekly Maintenance – How much you wear your shoes will determine how often you should take care of them. If you have a favorite pair that you wear three or more times out of the week, then use a leather conditioner and buff your shoes on a weekly basis. Make it easy on yourself and do this while you watch the game on Sunday. 

Shoes by Jack Erwin // Photos by Robert ‘Max’ Twitty for Gents Among Men