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30 Day Primer Vol.2: Day 9 – Tech Gear for the Modern Man

30 Day Primer Vol.2: Day 9 – Tech Gear for the Modern Man

I enjoy game consoles, but I cannot see myself spending hours on a daily basis paying Uncharted 4. Here are a few of my tech toys ranging from headphones to a simple debt card that I either own or will hopefully have in my possession very soon.




You know that bit of inner child that we can never let go of? Well, this electric scooter will bring it out in the most mature way possible. The U-Scooter is like your classic Razor version, but on steroids. The 25lb lightweight mobile unit can make walking a thing in the past. The scooter takes under two hours to get a full charge, and you can get through most of the day without having to recharge the device. The scooter can be folded down and doesn’t feel like a task when you have to carry it down a few stairs or on the subway. If you live close to your place of work and only go directly home after work, then this scooter can save you a pretty penny annually. See the math below:

NYC MTA Monthly Metro Card= $116.50 x 12 months= $2,552 // Price of U Scooter = $1,000



Arlo- You can never be too safe and when it comes down to you or your family there is no such thing as extreme. Ario is the world’s ONLY 100% wire-free, HD, Indoor/Outdoor Smart Home Security Cameras for at home monitoring. These small, discreet, motion activated cameras initiate automatic recording and alert you via email or app notifications. The set up is easy, just place the camera anywhere that has a metal base, and the Arlo wireless system will keep watchful eye over roommates and any suspicious activity while you are away.


Coin App- A modern day gent should not be carrying a ton of cards inside his wallet. In fact a modern day gent should really be carrying a slim wallet. Billfolds are a thing of the past. Welcome to the world of Coin. What started off as a Kickstarter project is now open to the public. The purpose of the Coin card is to consolidate all of your debt, credit and EVEN those Amex gift cards. The device comes with swiper where you can connect it to your mobile device, swipe your cards and sync them to your Coin wallet. See the video below for more.


Master Dynamic MW60 – Over time I have grown a love and appreciation for a good pair of headphones. Honestly, living in NYC and dealing with the MTA on a daily basis, a solid pair of headphones is a blessing, and if you ever leave home without them will hate yourself. What is actually a greater gift (if you can afford it) is a pair of over the ear, bluetooth, wireless headphones from Master Dynamic. The New York City based company recently released a great combination of class and sophistication with their MW60 over the ear wireless headphones. The headphones come equipped with a sixteen hour rechargeable battery and premium ingredients such as a aluminum antenna (which increases signal range) and lambskin ear pads for breathability. The headphones look will look great with a suit or any casual attire, but a little too stylish for the gym.



Solos Wearable – Wanna tap into your peak performance potential? Well if you are a cyclist then you may be in luck without having to go the Lance Armstrong route. Solos™ is an advanced training resource for elite athletes who are either working alone, with a coach, or as a team to improve, excel, kick ass and win. Developed by Kopin Corporation for mission critical applications like heads up displays for US Military Joint Strike Fighter pilots, the Solos eyewear origins focuses on the principles of cognitive ergonomics and user-centered design that focus specifically on enhancing human performance.

Use the Solos app to customize datastreams to fit your training regimen, coaching protocols and peer-to-peer or you-to-ghost performance preferences.


Smart Rope – Need to know how many jumps you preformed during your speed rope sessions? Well, the makers of a super smart jump rope has a solution. Smart Rope was created (and funded by 2,180 Kickstarter backers) in order do exactly what the current fitness band on your wrist is designed to do. Smart Rope is an LED-embedded jump rope that displays your fitness data in mid-air, as you work out.The simple yet striking design of Smart Rope is available in three colorways, to complement your training apparel and personality. The fitness platform app, Smart Gym seamless and wirelessly pairs with the Smart Rope to provide relevant fitness data that you’ll actually use to train smarter.

Regardless if you need isolation while riding the train, spying on your roommates, training for a marathon, or jumping your way towards your 2016 fitness goals, a few functional tech toys should make your life easier in more ways than one.

U- Scooter photo credit: J. Alex Sanchez | @Zander_X