30 Day Primer: Day 11- Purchasing Affordable Sportswear

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After our first post about getting fit, you’ve probably decided to do two things: (1) not to join the gym this month, or (2) you made the leap and signed-up for that  analyzed your lifestyle and decided to join the gym.  After spending money on the startup fees and upfront prices, you may not have as much left to spend towards clothing as you thought you would have.

If you do extra money to splurge on the top sportswear brands on the market, then great, but for those new potential gym devotees, budget friendly clothing is a must. You want to look presentable at the gym, not like you belong on Alexander Wang’s Runway. Plus, when you are throwing around kettlebells in your crossfit session the last thing you want to be worried about is your high-end gym attire.

We really appreciate H&M’s affordable Sportswear Collection a lot. The collection offers workout gear that isn’t cheap in quality but is highly comparable to some of the leading sportswear brands on the market.

What is Sweat Wicking Material?

It may fall under various names (Dri-fit, Quick Dry, ClimaCool, etc) but back in 1986 DuPont Textiles was the first to create the durable and breathable fabric under the CoolMax™ name.