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30 DAY PRIMER: DAY 14 – Grow A Beard

30 DAY PRIMER: DAY 14 – Grow A Beard

We are currently in an era where the beards are running things. The way corporate America used to be (eg: clean shaven Wall Street professionals) is so far from the way things are now (eg: visible tattoos, slick side parted hair with a beard that can cover both their face and neck).  Gotta love the change in times. While some of us are not new to the #BeardGang, the rest of us need a little help growing one. Nicholas Arnaze founder of Stubble and Stache knows a thing or two about growing a beard. He grew his beard out his beard in honor of his close friend and fellow marine, Justin Hansen, who was killed in combat in Afghanistan in 2012. While growing his beard, he experienced a couple of common issues men often face: dryness and a hygiene. To solve to problem, he created both a beard wash and a beard moisturizer to help men on their journey towards “Bearded Utopia” (it is a thing, just go with it). The Stubble and Stache team was kind enough to offer us some easy tips on how to grow a your first beard.

How To Grow A Beard

1. Beards take time. The average beard grows one half inch per month. Most men require three to five weeks before you can truly understand how your beard will take shape. What does this mean? DO NOT trim/shape your beard prior to the three-week mark. I recommend waiting at least four weeks before shaping. If you trim too soon, your beard could become lopsided. If after two weeks you do not have an epic beard, STAY THE COURSE. Many men get frustrated and quite too soon. Give it at least a month.

2. It will itch. Accept that reality, but do not fully accept it. Beard itch is one of the primary reasons I started stubble & ‘stache, and our flagship product does an excellent job of reducing it. Regardless of itch, stay strong. 

3. Time to shape up. After the waiting period, take a good, long look in the mirror and decide what you want your beard to look like. Do you want to go ZZ Top style? Are you more of a short beard guy? Or, do you prefer the stubble look? All are fine. What matters is that you select the look you feel most comfortable with. Once you see how your beard grows, you can start shaping. 

4. If you can, go to a quality barber who trims beards. They will show your beard the same respect they show your glorious mane. Before you set foot in the barber shop, educate yourself on what to ask. Our faces have a multitude of indentations, protrusions and other natural forms that makes even trimming difficult. Your barber will trim the beard where it needs to be trimmed and leave alone those areas where it does not. At the end of service, your beard (and face) will be a shinning example of symmetry.

5. If a barber is not an option, get yourself a good beard trimmer, preferably one with metal guards. Start big. You can always trim more, but you will have to wait to grow it back. After the initial trim, look for areas that might need to be trimmed more. The goal is symmetry. Take your time. If your beard is too long for guards, you will need to freehand with the clippers. In these situations I prefer to use scissors as they they leave a cleaner cut. 

6. How far should I let my beard grow down my neck? I like to end my beard about a half-inch below my jaw line. Rule of thumb: If keeping your beard short, when you smile your beard should never pull above your jaw line. If it does, you have stopped your beard short. Let the whiskers further down your neck grow. Depending on beard length, fade your beard as it grows down your neck. If you are going long, keep the length uniform.

Stubble & ‘Stache dedicates 15 percent of its profits to charities that support soldiers’ and vets’ “mental wounds,” including the MARSOC Foundation, assisting U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command soldiers and their families, and The Pathway Home, a nonprofit residential program for Iraq and Afghanistan vets grappling with post-traumatic stress or traumatic brain injuries.

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