30 Day Primer Vol. 2: Day 15 – Buy a House Robe

You are going to wonder why we are suggesting getting a house robe when you can just throw on pajamas. Well, here is the thing, a house robe is far more easier than putting on pjs, you’ll look like a cool ass man who belongs in a cabin drinking hot toddies, and your significant other (or guest for the night) would look adorable cuddled in binge watching on the couch. Look, we agree, Hugh Heff really messed up the image of men in them and a bullcrap low budget department store option is pointless, but a GOOD, high quality super comfortable french terry robe is another thing. 



_98A7857The good people at at Wings + Horns teamed up with the Ace Hotel to create this custom robe. Paying homage to the Ace NYC building’s boxing history, this Boulder Grey robe is a hybrid of a classic boxing robe, and a hooded sweatshirt. Something Michael B. Jordan would have probably worn in, Creed. Equipped with two front pockets and a oversized hood, this robe works as a great cold weather lounge wear item indoors, and something easy to throw on when taking the family dog out for a cigar and a stroll around the block.

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Wings + Horns x Ace Hotel Hoodie 

Photo by J. Alex Sanchez // @Zander_X