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30 DAY PRIMER: DAY 17 – Furnish Your Home On a Budget

30 DAY PRIMER: DAY 17 – Furnish Your Home On a Budget

We all know IKEA is like the number one go to place for affordable furniture. Regardless of how you feel about the  based modern, budget friendly brand  you probably have at least one or two items in your home right now from them. Since most of you already know about the budget friendly Scandinavian brand, we listed some other companies to help you furnish your home without the worry of the high-end mark up price.  


TRNKIf you are a man, love doing manly things, and would like for your home to not look like like a “bro pad,” then TRNK is the location for you. Part e-commerce and part lifestyle this Made-In-USA brand adds a nice touch of mature masculinity without breaking the bank. 

Dania – Styles are a mix of contemporary and Scandinavian-modern, with affordable pricing.





MUJI  This Japanese store has multiple locations in New York City, as well as a US website for national orders. Their selection of sofas, beds, shelving, and tables are very simple and inexpensive.










WhiteonWhite  – This place manufactures knockoffs of classic mid-century designs. The quality is much less than the real thing, but the prices are low.