30 Day Primer Vol.2: Day 2 – How to Shave with Bevel

In 30 Day Primer Vol.2, Grooming, Skin Care by The Gents Staff

Last year we mentioned how to find your grain, now we will help you with performing the actual act of shaving with Bevel. We know everyone is “beard this” and “real men have beards that,” but there is still something ‘smooth’ and respectable about a clean shaven or stubble face man. We agree, a fresh face does make you look younger, but then again who doesn’t love a bit of youth? Hell, 98% of the top billionaires on the Forbes list are all clean shaven. Will rocking a clean face make you rich? Far from it but at least it will make you look clean enough to pass for a stock broker on Wall Street. Either way, free up some space on your face with Bevel, the shaving kit for every man.

See the video below below for your step-by-step guide to a cleaner face. 

Featured image by Thomas Wood / Product shots by J. Alex Sanchez