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30 Day Primer: Day 20 – Form a Successful Morning Routine

30 Day Primer: Day 20 – Form a Successful Morning Routine

Creating a morning routine is a great way you start day. Many of us hit the snooze button for an additional 30 minutes of drowning into our bed sheets. We all understand how incredible the feeling of being in between the sheets can be, but managing to wake up before your set alarm can transform your life. Many of the idolized successful people in business all have adopted a morning routine. Whether it is working out in the morning, writing out what they are grateful for, or simple meditation, these men and women start each day (including the weekend) with some form of ritual.

We’ve listed 6 tips you can borrow in order towards creating successful morning routine. 

griddled-egg-and-bacon-sandwich-lg-637231831. Eat a balanced breakfast – The most important meal of the day. How you start your day will determine how you will end it. Consuming a well-balanced breakfast composed of whole grains, protein, fruits and vegetables will provide you with the fuel needed to tackle those financial spreadsheets waiting at your desk. 

2. Do something creative – Researchers say mornings are the prime time when our creative connections in our brains are most active. So, it makes the most sense to write down ideas or do something creative early in the morning when the brain is fresh. Write out your goals for the day or maybe you draft a blog post on “Forming a Morning Routine.” 

3. Listen to a Podcast in the morning – We at Gents Among Men always try to one another personal development podcasts that we feel can improve our way of thinking. Podcasts such as Happiness through Self Awareness helps listeners increase their self-awareness and make it easier for people to live in the emotional state of happiness.

4. Track your habits – Tracking daily habits and progression toward your goals is another way for you achieve a clear view on what you have set out to accomplish over a set period of time.


5. Go into Airplane mode – Disconnecting from apps, emails and notifications the night before allows your mind to be free of distractions. When you try to go to sleep with an overly active mind it is almost impossible to get a good night’s rest. Try taking a walk, reading a book or meditating before you hit the sack. 






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