30 Day Primer: Day 26 – Beating the Weather

Whether it is dodging the rain storm or the NYC’s upcoming 3-foot blizzard, you should properly equip yourself with the necessary and stylish protection need to get you from A-to-B. Every proper Gent should have three weather-ready essentials in their arsenal of goods: umbrella, raincoat and weather-resistant footwear. Here are a few suggestions.



Umbrella – You can never go wrong with a classic stick umbrella constructed in wood or metal.


Rain Jacket


Rain jacket – You can go with a classic trench coat or take the modern approach and pick up a rubberized rain slicker, regardless every man needs a well-built coat to take on rain, snow and sleet. 


Untitled #3

Boots and Cover-up – A pair of galoshes will protect your lace-ups from salt, puddles and normal precipitation. While your rain and snow boots can stomp through the snow and puddles without a  care in the world.