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30 Day Primer: Day 3 – Finding Your Uniform

30 Day Primer: Day 3 – Finding Your Uniform

You may feel like a religious school kid when doing this but this year try to pull off a uniform. Embracing a uniform provides an easy way of stressing less about hashtagging #OutfitOfTheDay (OOTD), and more about what is important in life: bills, 401k and your health.  

Who Wears a Uniform?

Some of our greatest influencers have once embraced a uniform. Karl Lagerfeld creating his own look mixing together grudge leather, metal chains and a crisp white button-up, while Mark Zuckerberg loves the look and feel of a simple tee and/or sweatshirt. Up until his death, the great visionary, Steve Jobs wore a casual black turtle neck, 501 blue jeans, and New Balance sneakers at every key-note speaking event. Proving that a uniform is timeless.

A stylish and cost efficient way of looking good.

The great thing about taking on a uniform is buying less but spending more on quality products. Fashion designer Thom Browne on a daily basis could be caught sporting his signature shrunken suit and cardigan look in the office or on the runway. You can go casual route like Mr. Jobs or suit up like Mr. Browne. It is YOUR look! Just remember when picking your uniform, I strongly suggest wearing something that can go unnoticed. 

Turn it Down

That means cut out the flashy bells and whistles. You may want to save those loud prints and stripes, for a night out on the town or waiting for you picture to be taken outside of Lincoln Center during this year’s Fashion Week. When picking out a uniform consider the following:

  • Find a outfit that is easy to wear and/or put on in the dark if possible

  • Black and white is always a safe route to take 

  • Depending on your place of business, a navy or charcoal suit is one of the easiest ways to mix and match shirts and ties without people actually noticing

Remember the news anchor who wore the same suit for a year? Well, you don’t have to be that extreme but it does go to show you how a basic uniform allows people to focus on your thoughts instead of your outfit.