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30 Day Primer: DAY 10 – Purchase A Houseplant

30 Day Primer: DAY 10 – Purchase A Houseplant

Calathea Medallion

Who doesn’t love having a little green in their home. No, we are not referring to Snoop Dogg’s (or Snopp Lion, depending on the day) favorite substance, we are talking about the one plant you don’t want to consume.

A houseplant is a great way to add some color and life into any room, especially during the Fall and Winter. You can purchase one for your desk, or you can make a grand statement with a floor plant. A common question most of us ask is, how do we maintain the beauty of our leafy companions.

In honor of National Houseplant Appreciation Day we contacted expert Justin Hancock of  Exotic Angel Plants for some green thumb advice on indoor plants.


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Indoor Plants Make Us Healthier

  • Incidences of headaches, sore throats, and coughs is reduced in offices with indoor plants
  • Plants can reduce mold/bacteria counts in a room by 50 to 60 percent
  • Plants have reduced absenteeism in offices by 14 percent
  • Plants remove harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) released by common products around the office, including printer toner, carpets, and cleaning products


Indoor Plants Help Us Work More Efficiently

  • Employees have been shown to be 15% more productive in offices with plants
  • Being around plants can lower blood pressure and other symptoms of stress
  • Having plants around can improve concentration levels and memory retention
  • Plants can make us more creative and better at problem solving

Reasons to Give Indoor Plants

  • Neutral gifts; you don’t need to worry about misinterpretation, etc.; plants are perfect for promotions, welcoming a new team member to the office, etc.
  • They’re thoughtful gifts; plants grow bigger and better with time. With good care, they’re long-lasting.
  • They add color and a sense of nature to otherwise sterile offices, especially those decorated in shades of gray or beige
  • They can help in team building; get your team to adopt a plant and collectively care for it

Tips for Choosing Plants

  • Pay attention to the plant needs; the easiest tip for success with your first plant is to put the right plant in the right place. Read plant labels to make sure the plant wants the kinds of conditions your indoor space offers.
  • Look for characteristics you like; if you personify a plant, you’re much more likely to take good care of it. It is okay to name your plant!
  • Consider factors such as your favorite color (many houseplants are variegated with other colors than green)
  • Take note of the plant’s personality; some like Dracaena and snake plant have a masculine feel; others like waffle plant and ivy have a more feminine look
  • Engage the senses; look at touchable plants such as purple passion plant that have a fun, fuzzy feel
  • Personalize your plant with a cool pot; anything that holds soil but lets excess water out can make a great pot


Plant Care Tips

  • Don’t overthink it; more plants succumb to overwatering than underwatering. Allow the soil surface to dry before watering it again
  • Don’t worry if your plant wilts; if you give it a splash of water, it should quickly recover
  • Look for super-easy varieties such as Red Aglaonema, Philodendron, Pothos, and Dracaena—they’re perfect “starter plants.”