30 Day Primer: Day 19 – Give Yourself a Manicure

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Don’t be a wuss about getting your hand professionally manicured. There are a number of men specailized grooming clubs like John Allen’s that are targeted towards the male clientele. Some of you may not have the time to go to a professional salon, or you may still fell like a wuss about it (dude, get over it already). Here are four easy steps to follow towards giving yourself a manicure in the comfort of your home. 

nail clipperStep One: Take off any polish with acetone and a cotton swab.

Step Two: Soak, Cut and File. Soaking helps to loosen the cuticles, soften the hands and prevent any splitting in the nails. In a bowl of hot water, add a little baby oil and let your hands soak for a few seconds. Clip down your nails using your fingernail clipper. Smooth the edges with a nail filer.

Step Three: Give your cuticles a slight push back and trim off any excess skin. 


Step Four: Moisturize & buff. Baxter of California’s Hydro Salve Hand Cream locks in the moisture and the smooth side of the 2-Sided pumice stone gives your nails a more natural shine.