30 Day Primer – Tips To A Better You: Day 1 – Getting Fit

In 30 Day Primer - Tips To A Better You by The Gents Staff

Making a yearly resolution is so cliche’. Everyone usually falls short by the second week and because they do not make realistic goals for themselves. Instead of a resolution try to make a commitment to improve yourself for the next 30 days. Max Twitty and the Gents Staff reached out to a few industry insiders to help put together a handful of tips to assist in  improving your lifestyle. Here is our “30 Day Primer – Tips To A Better You.”

I am going to go out on a limb and guess you are probably planning to get into shape. Most people dive into the gym without a plan of action. You cannot just “wing it” when it comes to getting back or into shape. Would you trust a personal trainer who had that mentality? I didn’t think so. Your body like it or not, is very important and before you pull out your credit/debit card and waste $100 a month trying to improve it like the rest of America, consider these few tips:


  • Write it down – Get a notebook and write down your daily eating habits for a couple of weeks. Be honest with yourself. This is the time you where you have to determine if a gym membership right now is even a good idea to join for you to invest in for the New Year.
  • Assess your lifestyle – How much time can you fit into your day for fitness? This will tell you a few things: how many days you are truly able to go to the gym, if you even need a gym membership, and also what type of gym do you need in order to reach your fitness goals.
  • What type of gym do you need? – If you can’t make it to the gym more than 3 days out of the week, you probably don’t need a gym filled with the latest high-tech machines, pool and massage room. You should consider a gym within the $25 dollar-a-month, getting back into fitness type of gym.

  • Take In Some Knowledge – You wouldn’t change a car’s oil without reading how or being taught to do so, right? Same thing goes with your body. Before you change your body’s image pick up some weights, pick up a book on fitness. Muscle and Fitness expert, Jim Stoppani released his second edition book, Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength. The book is filled with numerous exercises, photos and fitness routines to help you gained a solid understanding of machines and equipment inside of most gyms.