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30 Day Primer Vol. 2: Day 21 – How to Be A Better Partner

30 Day Primer Vol. 2: Day 21 – How to Be A Better Partner


Success isn’t created alone. Sometimes it takes the right companion to steer you in the proper direction towards achieving your life goals. Most times that person is the one we hold close to our hearts. Your partner should be someone the one to give you that extra push and support when things are turning for the worst, but with the expectations that we have for our partners, we need to have towards making sure we do what’s right to keep them around. Here are three things you can do to help you be a better boyfriend/husband/partner.

Single Minded Attention

You should always have a supremely single mind when it comes to your partner. Remove distractions from your dates and bedroom when you’re engaging with your partner one on one. It is necessary for couples to take space, but give them your full attention whenever you are with them.

Dive into Your Sexual Desires

Be unapologetic about wanting your partner. They are with you for a reason. Dive into your relationship with your sexuality, and figure out exactly what turns on inside the bedroom. You don’t have to go extreme and pull a 50 Shades of Grey move, but try experimenting with new things that you think you might enjoy.

Love and affection

Love and compliment your partner. If you are only aggressive sexually then it would get old fast. It becomes predictable, and predictability kills any sexual passion. Create a good balance of being aggressive and sweet. Kiss them on the forehead when the are having a bad day, sick or grumpy.  Surprise them by having a chef cook dinner for the both of you in order to relieve the pressure of after work duties.