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30 Day Primer Vol.2: Day 22 – Show Gratitude Year Round

30 Day Primer Vol.2: Day 22 – Show Gratitude Year Round


Why should November 24 be the only day that we practice giving thanks? Is it because the calendar says we should, or is it is the season to do so? It is healthy for us to give thanks on a daily basis, and not because we want Instagram “likes.” Here at Gents we started to incorporate this attitude more throughout our personal lives and inside the office, and the morale has become far more positive than it’s ever been.  We asked the makers of the wearable meditation device, Muse to offer a few ways on how you too can start showing more gratitude year round and not just for one day:

Set a Time: Mornings are a great time for gratitude; it starts your day off on a positive note. Practicing at night is a great way to reflect back on your day and be thankful for something or someone. If you need an emotional boost, practicing gratitude in the middle of the day can help give you an emotional boost of energy to get through the afternoon.

Practice verbal and non-verbal Gratitude: Take the time to thank people throughout your day as soon as they do something worthy of gratitude. Verbal gratitude is always best when given right after the act. Non-Verbal is important too, since there are less limits on how often you can practice non-verbal gratitude. Be aware of the self-dialogue you have in your head, and notice how often you are being thankful. 

Thank yourself: Think of a reason every day why you should thank yourself. Whether it is taking out time to mediate, eat a healthy meal, or spent 10 minutes jumping rope. Thank yourself for that. Even if you didn’t have the most productive day, it is still a reason to thank yourself because you made the attempt. Practicing gratefulness towards yourself will develop your skill of appreciation for yourself.

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Jot It Down: Since most of us have mobile device that we use to take selfies on a daily basis, use it to jot down things, events, people that you are thankful for. If you want more accountability for yourself, then you can start an physical journal.

Have fun with it: As you practice gratitude, you may notice patterns in what you are grateful for. It may be thankfulness towards a specific person all the time, or a specific event. Keep this going, but don’t be afraid to explore what else you can be thankful for. Look beyond people and think about things nearby that you may be thankful for. You can also try to practice gratitude towards the natural world – air, trees, weather, or the ground. 

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