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30 Day Primer Vol. 2: Day 25 – Wear Resistance Bands to Increase Your Workout

30 Day Primer Vol. 2: Day 25 – Wear Resistance Bands to Increase Your Workout

One thing I hate is being in the gym for hours. Arnold used to spend 4 hours in the gym when he was training for Mr. Olympia. I am not competing. I enjoy wearing suits too much for that. Depending on what type of routine or muscle group I am working on, I like to keep my workouts short and sweet. Which is one of the reasons why I use Physiclo in many of my workout sessions. I cam across the brand from this video below and became interested. 

Physiclo is a activewear brand with resistance technology built into the fabric panels to help people of all fitness levels target muscle groups more effectively and reach fitness goals quicker. Basically, when you wear Physiclo, you’re working against extra resistance and therefore doing more work than you would normally do. This is especially powerful for scaling up your cardio routines. For example, your quads are doing roughly the same amount of work in 45 minutes when you’re wearing Physiclo compared to when you run for an hour normally. 


Physiclo’s flagship product, fitness pants designed and tested at the NYU School of Medicine, apply the principles of anatomy and biomedical engineering to improve workout efficiency. Unlike regular compression pants that just fit tightly, Physiclo pants actually create resistance across a full range of motion to make your training harder. Yes, Physiclo pants are also tight, but as you lift your leg up you’ll actually feel the inner bands & panels pulling your leg back. As you swing your leg back, you’ll feel another set of panels activate and start pulling your leg forward. 


Physiclo put together a same routine to help break their customers into the experience of wearing their innovative garments.

Sample Routine:

  • 1 mile run at a 7.5-minute mile pace
  • Followed by a series of body work exercises such as Jumping Jacks, Burpees, Push-ups, and Knee Raises all for 1 minute with a 30 sec rest in between.  

The entire routine should not take more than 20-30 mins