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30 Day Primer Vol. 2: Day 30- Ways to Boost Your Confidence

30 Day Primer Vol. 2: Day 30- Ways to Boost Your Confidence


You aren’t born with confidence. It is something you have to learn and practice on a daily basis in order to grow and strengthen it. Here are some effective ways to promote your own self-confidence.

Act the part. – Your body language can instantly demonstrate self-assuredness, or insecurity. Present yourself in a way that says, you can handle any situation. Hold your head high, sit up straight, bring your shoulders back to align your spine and look directly at the other person when interacting. Always keep a firm handshake and maintain good eye contact while someone is speaking to you and vice versa.


Dress the part. – When you look better, you feel better. Clothes that fit you well, suit your industry and lifestyle, will instantly boost your self-esteem. Steer clear of flashy colors and accessories items until you feel secure enough to wear them with pride. Why? Statement accessories like: jewelry, neckties, pocket squares, fedoras, etc can be a focal point and a good conversation starter, but if you aren’t confident enough to maintain that dialogue, then people will instantly disregard you.


Speak assertively.Adopt an assertive, but not aggressive, way of speaking that indicates your self-confidence. You will feel your self-esteem begin to rise. To be taken seriously, avoid high-pitched, nervous tone in your speech. You can always reference our previous post on ways to have clearer speech and effective communication to help you out further.


Work out. – Not only does regular exercise makes your heart and bones stronger, lowers your risk for chronic disease right along with your blood pressure and mind healthier, it instantly boosts your self-esteem. The Cleveland Clinic suggests exercising for 20 to 30 minutes every day, picking an activity you enjoy so you’ll stick with it, varying what you do to ward off boredom, and mixing classes, sports and exercise with friends, and individual workouts to keep things interesting.