A Touch of Camo

While Mother Nature takes her time deciding which season she wants us to function in, you can still get by wearing with a cotton knit sweater and distressed denim. In NYC most days the temperatures are still ranging between 65-75 degrees, and If you are experiencing similar temperatures and haven’t tucked away that lightly knitted sweater feel, free to pull it out.

I’ve fallen in love with sweaters equipped with a side zip detail. I found an inexpensive sweater from H&M. It is dense enough to keep me warm during those 65 degree days, but also not heavy enough to overheat. I added a touch of camo by throwing my 2012 Todd Snyder x Gap camo t-shirt underneath. I’ve stated before camo isn’t going anywhere, so why not embrace it? I’ve stated before camo isn’t going anywhere, so why not embrace it? To compliment this or simply add a touch of camo to any look, you can follow my lead and pick up a $3 bandana from your local Army and Navy surplus store. 

Photo Credit

Geo Davis // @PhiascoPhotos