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Banana Republic “What Moves Us” Campaign

Banana Republic “What Moves Us” Campaign

As a child growing up, I had the benefit of being exposed early on to Life magazine. Life magazine is where I first fell in love with photography, and also introduced to Gordon Parks’ work. I have always been a fan of photography, but Gordon Parks’ work resonated deeply with me. I recently partnered with Banana Republic for their, “What Moves Us” campaign. The campaign focuses on what moves or inspires you as an individual.

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“Gordon Parks was one of the seminal figures of twentieth-century photography. A humanitarian with a deep commitment to social justice, he left behind a body of work that documents many of the most important aspects of American culture from the early 1940s up until his death in 2006, with a focus on race relations, poverty, Civil Rights, and urban life.”- The Gordon Parks Foundation.

As a novice photographer, I take my camera and practice shooting subjects in my neighborhood on the weekends. I went with this classic yet functional navy blue, slim performance sport coat because it provides the right amount of warmth during the Spring, as well as additional cargo space for SD memory cards and emergency cash. I paired the sports coat with a pair of Alden slim chinos for a more relaxed weekend look. Plus, with the added stretch built in, I can focus on getting the right shot without splitting my pants.

Every day I’m inspired by Gordan Parks to capture my city and its people. I’m still working on getting up to Parks’ level, but at least I look stylish doing it.

 Let me know what moves or inspires you in the comment section below.

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Alex Sanchez | @Zander_X


This was a sponsored post for Banana Republic. The thoughts and opinions are my own.