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Bevel Classics // Fades

Bevel Classics // Fades


I remember growing up and getting a #6, #8 , #23, #15, etc at the local barber shop. Now depending on the barbershop those numbers may differ, but what didn’t change was the style of the haircut. I always wore a taper fade haircut throughout my years, and although  I may have tried other hairstyles  for the moment, I always seemed to find myself back to my original fade. It represents my childhood, my deep roots,  the inspiration to start Gents Among Men. 

taperfade-3 taperfade-2 taperfade-1

While participating in the Bevel Classics series, I had the chance to get cleaned up by the great, Denny Moe owner of Denny Moe’s Superstar Barbershop. Denny and I spoke with the amazing, Cassidy Blackwell about the history of the taper fade, his longevity in the business, and my personal connection to this iconic hairstyle.

Enjoy below  

Film by Jason Harper 

Images by Brandon King


  • very thoughtful words on how you connect personal style to home.