CanalPlus Presents: Black Dandy


“The black dandyism, appropriation of European aesthetics with an African sensibility”

Last year I had the opportunity to be apart of a documentary that explores the history of looking good and dressing well. The CanalPlus documentary titled, Black Dandy discovers what it means to be a “dandy” in today’s society by interviewing some of today’s well dressed men and women in order to gain a better perspective on what the word means to them. Some guests include: Ignacio Quiles, Kevin Gray, Barnabas Crosby, Mike B., Street Etiquette, Art Comes First, and more. Going through some of our the archives the documentary highlights some of our most iconic revolutionary figures such as Malcolm X, to hip-hop’s original tailor, Dapper Dan. 
While some eyebrows may have been raised towards the “Black Dandy” title, others members in the documentary actually do not mind the acknowledgement. Regardless, it is a documentary that is worth checking out. 
See the trailer below 

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