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Keeping Cool

We’ve all experienced the overcrowded subway trains, the crammed restaurants and the surprisingly scorching lunch break stroll. Unfortunately the fun, summer months sometimes come with unbearably high temperatures.

Grilling Essentials Pt2: Cooking Tips & Tricks

Now that you have all the necessary gear for grilling season, the next question is: what to cook? Burgers and hot dogs are standard fare, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for dull, …

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Grilling Essentials: The Gear

The Fourth of July is coming up next week. However, instead of blowing out the candles on a cake, most people like to celebrate America’s birthday by firing up the grill. Before throwing your burgers …

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Gents Tested: Red Ace Organics

As gentlemen we should always be aware of our health. As Men’s Health Month comes to an end, we decided to try something that could add a new “beet” to our routine.

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Gents Night Out: Ward III Tribeca

As part of our Gents Night Out series, we stopped by the swanky bespoke cocktail bar, Ward 3, to converse and participate in their “Whiskey Monday” tradition. Enjoy below!!! Ward 3 111 Reade Street New …

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Where to Eat: Traif

In Yiddish, the word “traif” is used to describe foods that fail to adhere to the Jewish dietary laws of kashrut, i.e., foods that non-kosher. Ironically, Chef Jason Marcus opened a restaurant by that moniker …