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Declaring War In the Workplace – 5 Things to Consider Before Doing So

Declaring War In the Workplace – 5 Things to Consider Before Doing So

Let’s not get into the long intro of what an enemy is, can be, and will be. We all know who our enemies are and what to look out for. An adversary can be anyone who is against your goals and growth (okay maybe a short description). Once you spot your enemy, you don’t have to destroy them in any violent way, but you can find ways to counter their attacks and create a presence that is not to be tried in these few ways.

1. Identify your enemies – You have to smoke out your enemies in order to see who they are. Look for them to reveal consistent actions and patterns that you don’t have to question. Try to catch your enemies in their natural state. This will permit you to see who they truly are and how you need to handle them.

2. Pick your battles wisely – Just because you’ve identified the enemy doesn’t mean you have to actually declare war on them. It takes a lot more energy fighting someone instead of not giving a damn about them. Before to go into battle mode, consider the cost of actually going to war: time, money, etc. and determine if it is even worth it. Sometimes it is better to wait and to undermine your enemies covertly rather than hitting them straight on.

3. Counter the Attack – If you decided that the war is worth fighting, don’t make the first move. Master the art of the counterattacking. Floyd Mayweather is a master at doing this and as we’ve seen during the fight of the century you should practice this technique as well. Being the first to attack can place you at disadvantage and make you seem like the aggressor. Try baiting your enemy into making a rash attack that will leave them in a weak position.

4. Create a Threatening Presence – Prevent someone attacking you is to make them feel like they SHOULDN’T attack you. Creating this type of presence will makes people think twice about making a move on you. You can build up a rep for being a little crazy and off or simply unpredictable at times. Note: Be careful developing this presence in the workplace. You can risk not being like or approachable. Use this tactic wisely depending on the environment.

5. Conceal your intentions – A smarter way of not making enemies is understanding you don’t have to always reveal your moves or plans for the future. Concealing your intentions saves you the headache of having to worry about someone stealing your ideas and plans for the future. Which in my experience happens to be one of the many causes of creating foes.

A great book to read is the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. It is a great book that helps you with handle the various types of “enemies” you will meet throughout your life. 

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