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Eat Clean Diet Made Simple

Eat Clean Diet Made Simple

Look, all things that is considered routine doesn’t have to be boring and all things boring doesn’t have to be routine. However, I do at times embrace both. Since I am usually busy the last thing on my mind is what do I need, want or should eat. The most difficult thing I discovered when trying to eat clean, is finding what was considered CLEAN.

After I spent an unnecessary amount of time in the grocer I said to myself, there has to be a better way. I did some research and used some common sense, and made a simple yet effective way towards “EATING CLEAN” without breaking my neck trying to find places to eat and also my bank account on $12+ salads everyday.

Here is my on the go eat clean on the go formula:

Protein + Veggies = Eating clean

This is a simple formula that can help you understand what foods to eat, and possibly assist with knocking down a few pounds in the process.


Chicken • Mackerel • Salmon • Tuna • Lean Beef • Jerky • Turkey • Lunch Meat Ham • Lunch Meat Roast Beef • Eggs


• Asparagus • Bamboo Shoots • Bean Sprouts • Beet Greens • Bok Choy Greens • Broccoli • Cabbage • Cauliflower • Celery • Chicory • Collard Greens • Cucumber • Endive • Escarole •Garlic


I always try to start my day off with a energy pill from Uptime Energy. The Maximum Energy Blend offers a great amount of CQ10, Guarana and Ginseng which helps me jumpstart my day.  A sample meal plan for me would look close to the following below:

5am – UpStart Maximum Energy Blend Pill

5:30am – Breakfast – 3 boiled eggs, turkey bacon and mixed greens

9:30am – Snack – protein shake w/ Soy Milk and banana

11:30am – UpStart Maximum Energy Blend Pill

12pm – Lunch – 6 -8 oz of poultry from the list, 2-3 cups of veggies

3pm – Snack – protein shake w/ Soy Milk and banana

6pm – UpStart Maximum Energy Blend Pill + Gym Workout

9pm – Dinner – 6 -8 oz of poultry from the list and 2-3 cups of veggies

11 pm – Night snack – Greek yogurt and Almonds (optional)

This diets works well for a basic understanding of what to eat and how to eat if you are always on the go or just don’t want the pressure of figuring out what to eat. It’s not overly detailed but with some creativity you can make this guideline as fun as you would like for it to be. Always remember Look Good, Live Well.

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