Embrace Your Inner Carlton Banks

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 carlton banks
Will Smith may have been the star of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but Carlton Banks should have definitely been your sartorial inspiration. Known for loving Tom Jones and bragging about how rich he was, Carlton Banks was know for pulling off that classic Ivy League look. 
Throughout the sitcom Carlton Banks (Alfonso Ribeiro) wardrobe contain many traditional school boy outfits: vertical striped shirts, rugby polo, waxed canvas Bermuda jackets and silk pajamas. The one look the young Banks sported frequently was the over-the-shoulder sweater look. Functionally worn for just in case the temperature dropped at night, the sweater look is now primarily worn as a casual stylish accessory. 
You can embrace both the functional and casual look this summer by using a cotton linen v-neck or cardigan sweater. You can let the sweater drape over both shoulders or make a lose knot in the center of your chest. 
It is unfortunate the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is no longer on the air but as long as we have the reruns Carlton Banks will always be our inspiration for classic American style. 

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