Explore the World of Coffee on National Coffee Day

Atlas Coffee Club, a coffee of the month club, has designed a new way for people to enjoy coffee each month.  Indonesia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Congo and beyond, Atlas Coffee Club curates and shares specialty coffee from around the world.  Highlighting the unique difference in both taste and culture, their monthly subscription appeals to both coffee lovers and wanderlusters alike.
Much like fine wine, the third wave of coffee has ushered in a plethora of coffee culture and quality.  For something I do daily (consume coffee), this coffee subscription is a nice way discover new and exciting coffee, learn about what makes each coffee unique, and have the convenience of freshly roasted coffee from around the world delivered to my door…less work, more reward.
In honor of #NationalCoffeeDay, Gents Among Men is hosting a giveaway on our Instagram page (@gentsamongmen) for a free bag of Single-Origin coffee from Atlas Coffee Club. To enter, all you have to do to is tag a friend on our coffee post.