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Finding Your Style with Old Spice

Finding Your Style with Old Spice

Why spend $20 for a jar of hair creme when you can get the same look for a lot less? Old Spice’s latest hair care products targets the “classic men” who favor the hairstyle of the ever cool Steve McQueen, to the recent college grad who just landed their first REAL job. Guys no longer have to be intimidated with choosing the styling product that’s right for them. Each of the five Old Spice styling products: Deadlock Spiking Glue, Cruise Control Forming Crème, Forge Molding Putty, Unruly Texturing Paste, and Spiffy Sculpting Pomade offer a description and visual silhouette on the packaging to help educate guys about the styler that best fits their specific hair type.


The Natural Look

If you desire a more “natural look” we suggest starting your mornings using the Cruise Control Forming Creme. The Cruise Control Forming Creme is very light and moves with you versus against you when styling your hair. Using any hair product fresh out of the shower will help it spread evenly, but this forming cream actually works well on dry hair. Plus, the texture doesn’t leave your hands with a sticky residue. The downside is since you are going for the “natural look” the hold on your hair isn’t going to be as strong as it would be if you were to use a pomade or putty.

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The Spiked Look

For a stronger hold on your hair, opt for the Spiffy Pomade or the Forge Molding Putty. With a moderate hold and a matte finish the Spiffy Pomade is a bit more giving when it comes to easy styling your hair. The Forge Molding Putty is simply a straightforward product you would use if you want that spiked up look. It does have a strong high hold which takes some time to work in but once you find your desired style this putty will keep it in place.

For pulling off a mature, polished and versatile hair style, we strongly suggest going with the styling cream and pomade. It offers the right balance of mobility and hold for your hair.
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