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Gents Tested: Bomberg Bolt-68 Chronograph Watch

Gents Tested: Bomberg Bolt-68 Chronograph Watch


When it comes to the world of watches, Bomberg is a unique newcomer to the industry. The unconventional Swiss brand entered the market in 2012, and has raised some eyebrows for their daring design choice. The Bomberg Bolt-68 chronograph comes equipped with a “bullhead’ design, meaning the crown and pushers that are usually found at the 3 o’clock position are located at the 12 o’clock spot. While this may seem like an odd position, it actually makes their watches inimitable.

First impressions are everything and this Swiss-made timepiece leaves a lasting one. The multi-purpose functionality is unique enough to be drawn in but the size and price point may cause some hesitation with new consumers. When you remove the 45mm bezel from its dense casing, the timepiece transforms into a stylish pocket watch. The watch is substantially heavy, there is no other way around that, and on a delicate wrist the timepiece can be overbearing. Conversely, this updated version of your grandfather’s pocket watch is proportionally appropriate. Available in a variety of stainless steel and PVD treated steel cases, the Bomberg Bolt-68 Chronograph quartz models are powered by a Ronda caliber 3540D quartz movement. Simply put, this movement counters at the 6-9-12 o’clock position and allows manufacturers to supplement their “classic-look” watches with advance models of their innovative and unusual design.

All of the BOLT-68 products come with a chain and medallion and a few different designs and colorways like the one my fellow blogger, Taylor Camp (TheTieGuyis wearing in the images below.The Bomberg Bolt-68 Chronograph is conversation starter and looks good as a wristwatch, but I appreciate it more as a pocket option.

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J. Alex Sanchez // @Zander_x


Taylor Camp // @TheTieGuy

Disclosure: This watch was received as a sample but the views and opinions are my own.