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Gents Tested // Harman Kardon: Soho Wireless

Gents Tested // Harman Kardon: Soho Wireless

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By now you probably already have your go-to headphone brand. Whether it is the brand that made Dr. Dre a billionaire, or any other brand looking to be the biggest and loudest on the market, we all have our favorites. The Harman and Kardon brand decided to take a different route in creating the Soho Wireless Headphones.

They Say

Whether joining you for work or play, these indispensable, on-ear headphones offer you maximum, wireless connectivity to an ever-widening array of devices. As a personal statement to your own sense of style, you’ll find them a critical component of your active, everyday life.


The Soho Wireless headphones are smaller than your average on-ear headphones on the market. The ear-cups will not be a fan favorite with a lot of people, but after using them for a day I didn’t notice too much of a difference. The compact and sleek design managed to work well with my on-the-go lifestyle. By turning the speakers cushion side flat, the headphones can easily slide into your briefcase or portfolio bag. A feature I found perfect for when you don’t want to carry huge tote bag.




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The Test

When it comes down to sound, you won’t get a lot of bass out of the Soho wireless headphones. Being a bass heavy fanatic, I was slightly disappointed. However, what they don’t offer in bass, they do make up in solid crisp sound. The Harman brand focus on creating superior sound and although bass is great to have at times, nothing beats sound precision. The ear-cup has touch-sensitive controls keep you in charge while on the move.

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We Say

The portability and balance of bass and clarity, can give other headphones on the market a run for their money. The ideal consumer would be the stylish business professional who enjoys minimalists and compact electronics to travel with for business meetings, but who also dresses down and hangs out in NYC on the weekends.

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J. Alex Sanchez // @Zander_X