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Gents Tested: Sol Republic | Tracks Air

Gents Tested: Sol Republic | Tracks Air

When it comes to traveling it is essential that I have a great pair of headphones for my trip, but the one thing that bothers me sometimes with wired headphones is the wire getting tangled between my luggage. I wanted a pair of quality wireless headphones without the $300 price tag. I ended up receiving a pair of Sol Republic Tracks Air  for reviewing. 


Back in  2011 Sol Republic released its highly successful Tracks headphones to the market. With an easy and well built design, the tracks headphones sold well thanks to two major factors:  a great price ($99) with an even better sound engine. Since the first release the brand decided to expanded the Tracks name with a few more enhance and pricier versions: Tracks HDTrack Ultra, as well as the over-the-ear Master Tracks. in 2013 in order to tap into the wireless market Sol Republic partnered with Telecommunications giant, Motorola to produce its first stereo Bluetooth headphone, Tracks Air. 


 The Test

They Say: TRACKS AIR delivers a rich, detailed sound that rivals wired headphones. 

We Say: The sound quality of the Tracks Air is fair. It isn’t as loud or bass heavy as the on-ear Tracks headphones but it does block out background noise well and performs well when it comes to sound. Tracks Air makes up for its lack of sound through the easy-to-pair wireless connectivity feature and battery life.  Like other Motorola headphones that I’ve tried, the connection starts to fade away once you are at a reasonable distance from the Bluetooth’s host.  The battery life stands strong and offers a quality amount of 15 hours of battery life. The cool feature about the Tracks Air battery life is every time you turn on the headphones it will inform you how much time you actually have left to use them without assistance from the wire that connects and comes with the headphones. 

The Result: I would love to have the Tracks Air headphones produce the same bass heavy and crisp sound as their regular Tracks HDTrack Ultra relatives. The bluetooth microphone could use some tweaking, and the headphones could be upgraded in order  to block out outside noise. Overall with a great battery life, great wireless connection, and decent sound quality the Tracks Air headphones are worth the suggested $200 price point.

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Photo credit | Sir Shane Miller for Gents Among Men