Gents Tested: Tile // The “I misplaced my Sh—” device

In Gents Tested by Max Twitty


Mistakes are going to happen and unfortunately most of them we can’t avoid, but there are some mistakes that we can fix if we are properly prepared. While shooting inside the Freedom Tunnel over the weekend with photographer, Chuck Marcus manage to lose my keys. After panicking for a few minutes, I remembered I was properly prepared for this type of situation, and this would be a perfect time to Gents Test this new extremely portable device called, Tile.

They Say: “Tile is a cool gadget that allows you to locate important items should they go missing.” –

The Test: The setup was easy. Install the app from your APP store and create an account. Once you do that, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, and hold down the letter “T” on the Tile device to pair the two together. Here is the thing about the  Tile App you have to understand, you need to be within 30-50 feet from the actual device in order for it to work. So when my keys fell off my waist in the Freedom Tunnel I knew it wasn’t far. The only problem was being able to see the damn thing. I turned on my IOS installed flashlight, fired up the Tile app, and within seconds my phone located my keys. You’ll hear a loud chimming  sound coming from the device to assist you in your lost and found search.  DSC_9026

We Say: It is very rare that I lose things, especially my keys. However I will say having this device did save me a lot of trouble finding them. The device and setup is very straight forward and really is easy to use. The minimalist design of the device is great and can fit inside your wallet without added to much bulk. When it comes down to the Tile’s battery life, it is expected to last an entire year without having to charge it once. What happens after a year? Well, the Tile team is in the process of creating a program where you’d recycle your old Tile for a better one at a reasonably lower price. For the cost of the device it is a great item to have more than one in your possession. I would like to see more colored options for the device in the near future to differentiate which device is being used for your bag, keys, purse etc. As a first run the Tile is a straightforward  device that does exactly what it says without an expensive price tag.