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Gents Tested: Wahl Elite Pro and Li Trimmer

Gents Tested: Wahl Elite Pro and Li Trimmer

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Growing up I remember sitting on a stool in the middle of the kitchen and getting my haircut by my uncle with pair of Wahl clippers. Over the next five years as I got older he would always use the same pair of Wahl’s to cut my hair. Now as an adult looking back at those moments I realized one thing: if you are going to perform at home haircuts, you cannot go wrong with a pair of Wahl clippers.



The Elite Pro is Wahl’s latest and most powerful corded clipper from Wahl. The retro-style device offers a self-sharpening precision blades. Which means the blades will stay sharper the longer over time, and are designed to cut hair 40% faster. The Elite Pro cuts well on coarse hair, but I noticed on straighter hair I was able to perform a smoother and faster cut. Out of the storage case you can feel the upgraded design. The 2.5 pound black and chrome finish gives the clippers an elevated “executive” appearance. Wahl’s Elite Pro clippers offers a solid experience for an at-home cutting unit. If the blades were sharper for going over one’s hairline then I would have really been satisfied. However this is where the new Stainless Steel Li comes in. 


The Stainless Steel Li Trimmer comes wrapped in a sleek armor of stainless steel, which offers an impressive rechargeable green smart-charge technology. The device shuts off after it’s fully charged, and on that same charge will give you roughly four hours of run time. Performance wise the Li is spot-on for functioning precisely what it is designed for: detailing and shaving beards. Stay away from trying to use this as a workhorse cutting device. The Stainless Steel Li Trimmer comes with a series of interchangeable heads for detailing, shaving, and attacking nose hairs. I would have loved if the blades were easier to interchange without having to use screwdriver.

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Overall both the Elite Pro and Stainless Steel Li are two quality devices that will give you are decent at-home haircut, and powerful yet lightweight enough to make grooming on the go uncomplicated.

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J. Alex Sanchez // @Zander_X


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