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#GENTSUNITED | Allison Graham // @SheDoesHim

#GENTSUNITED | Allison Graham // @SheDoesHim

#GentsUnited is a series created by Gents Among Men that is designed to highlight the various men and women who possess and display a creative sense of style and class. Here is Allison Graham // @SheDoesHim



What is or was your style influence?  

My style influence is the classic 80’s. I felt like menswear truly transpired then. From hats to gilets


A Gentlewoman is ……?

A gentle woman is a woman that carries herself with much confidence and style. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a dapper/chic look but it’s being yourself and carey yourself in such a manner that you believe in yourself. You know that you are a woman and you take it with much pride. Being a woman and dealing with social critics starts with our outer appearance, with how we speak and interact with others.

_98A0549-39What quote do you live by?

I live by many quotes but the main one I’d say is, “Life’s too short, we all have a purpose don’t get lost and not find your purpose.” 

How does your environment influence your style?

I enjoy trends from time to time. But it doesn’t influence it as much. I like to express myself via me dressing up and being who I am. It’s a self expression and with the way the generation is heading there isn’t much dignity left. So I try to stand for this with how I dress.


What is your passion in life?

My passion in life is Styling. Totally one of my many joys. 


Photo credit: @Zander_X