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#GENTSUNITED | Fola Lawson // @Flawson_

#GENTSUNITED | Fola Lawson // @Flawson_

#GentsUnited is a series created by Gents Among Men that is designed to highlight the various men and women who possess and display a creative sense of style and class. Here is Fola Lawson // @Flawson_

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What was or is your style influence?

My style influence is really any and everything. From magazine style segments, to streetstyle photos on the web or tumblr. I’m always impressed and inspired by aesthetics and proper design. I would say my style influence comes from just about anything. I try to channel what I see being marketed, or see others way, and put my own individual spin on it.

A Gentleman is ……?

One who exudes self pride, confidence, takes his appearance and actions seriously, but most of all understands that it’s bigger than him. It here, being the world… his actions, his representation, speak louder than he could ever imagine. Respect for self and playing his part, in ensuring the well-being of others around him are strong traits of a gentleman.

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What quote do you live by? 

I couldn’t really say that I live by any specific quote, although there are tons of great quotes out there. But I do come up with quotes of my own from time to time, and I try to jot them down. The other day I thought up something quite chilling and inspiring. “For every new day we wake to see, marks one less day we get to live. Life comes with an expiration date, so we can’t afford to hold back”. This was just a reminder of self to do make an attempt, to do all the things that I or we, ever wanted to do.

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How does your environment influence your style?

Very much so. I work in a very professional atmosphere, and with a lot of established, highly knowledgeable individuals. Appearance is important. As a result 80% of my style is constricted to professional dress. On the weekends, depending on whether I am casually lounging or attending an elegant event, I usually indulge in streetstyle or dapper attire. As far as environment, the weather in Houston is also quite different. Tons of heat & humidity. Summers call for breathable attire, with winters requiring some, but minimal layering. You really have to master the weather to dress appropriately I think.

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What is your passion in life?

My passion is to get out my dreams. My passion is to inspire people to be better, in all aspects of their livelihoods, simply because…they can. It’s all cyclical. Being better men, helps mold better women, that raise better children, which makes for better communities; and change in men is change worth believing in. I personally strive for quality in everything I do. Inspiring others to take on such a mentality, would be a start in making the world a better and more fulfilling place, I think.