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#GENTSUNITED | Lonnie Hawkins // @SouthofYork

#GENTSUNITED | Lonnie Hawkins // @SouthofYork

#GentsUnited is a series created by Gents Among Men that is designed to highlight the various men and women who possess and display a creative sense of style and class. Here is Lonnie Hawkins // @SouthofYork


What is or was your style influence?

Growing up in New York I caught a flare for current fashion all because it was everywhere you went. I saw fashion and gave it my own sense of style. I’ve always been an old soul, so I drifted more towards the 40’s era. When I moved to South Carolina, I became engaged in the vintage history of this place and it sparked a great cause. Why not intertwine Charleston Jazz era with the Harlem Renaissance swing. It all came full circle for me then.


A Gentleman is ……?

I believe that a gentleman prides himself on being his best at every moment in his life. It becomes his legacy. The way a man dresses, his poise, his speech, almost in retrospect defines who he is.

What quote do you live by?

I am the sense of fashion.. I am the labor of passion.. I am the prisoner of my action.. I am South of York


How does your environment influence your style?

The scenery.. the radiant colors & textures.. the historic district of Charleston. Being in constant contact with other people that share my passion helps contribute and keep the drive alive. Always having that positive energy around me is a motivation enough. Not to mention my environment. It’s a constant reminder that I’m living that dream. I see remnants of that old jazz era from older townsmen and I’m driven to revamp that with a twist. Make it come to life.


What is your passion in life?

Is to help the less fortunate & to assist others in the world of fashion.. Give the world my prospective through South of York

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