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Gifting Ideas| Colognes for your Guy

Gifting Ideas| Colognes for your Guy

Colognes don’t have to be a difficult task to pick out. If you know the recipient then you should have a general idea of what type of fragrances work for them. However, if you aren’t to close with your Secret Santa or would like for your special someone to try something new, then here are a few suggestions.

 The Confident Gent

Kenneth Cole has been creating cologne for quite some time now but I feel this is one of his best scents. Mankind is a mixture of an axe swinging woodsman in a three-piece suit. This scent has become a desk draw staple here in the office. Many of the gents here have been seen passing this around before last minute meetings or dates after work. This modern and masculine scent begins with a fresh blend of cardamom, tarragon leaves, zesty ginger, and finishes off with a blend of cedarwood, vetiver root, cinnamon and sandalwood. If you know or are involved with a gentleman who always displays a healthy amount of confidence and isn’t afraid to take challenges, then embrace their constant evolution with the Mankind cologne by Kenneth Cole 

 The Rebel



For that all black everything, riding boot wearing, Mezcal drinking gentleman in your life John Varvato’s OUD cologne hits the spot. The mysterious Agarwood (OUD) has been around for a quite some time and while and it doesn’t come cheap in price, you are getting some quality oil. John Varvato’s OUD cologne contains a strong guitar heavy sensual blend of traditional and modern aromas woven together to give you a rich, long-lasting flavor of flowers, spices and tobacco. 

The Naturalist 

Willoughby Plaid

Ursa Major’s Willoughby Cologne offers more of an all-natural and personal scent for the holidays. The bright citrus, subtle spice and deep wood cologne isn’t something that is geared towards just men. In fact Ursa Major wants women to try it as well. The company says, “this cologne is a intimate scent can appeal to both men and women. This is a scent you want to smell up close and not from a far. This is a scent you enjoy when you are laying on your lover at night while watching a movie .” Containing zero toxins and hints of mint, ginger and bergamot the Willoughby scent from Ursa Major is honestly a great gift for him or her.