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How to Pull off a Safari Jacket

How to Pull off a Safari Jacket


You don’t have to travel to the African Savanna in order to pull off a stylish safari jacket. During the 20th century the safari jacket wasn’t considered as a so called “menswear staple.” This jacket was predominantly used for traveling. What looks like hybrid between a trench and military jacket, many of the wealthy western voyagers would wear the front four pocket, belted, lightweight khaki-colored cotton jacket to stay protected against Africa’s intensifying temperatures.

Since the weather hasn’t reached below zero, you can pull off the safari jacket instead of your favorite denim option. Yes, we all love our shawl cardigans and leather jackets, but a cool safari jacket is stylish enough not to overheat you and gain some attention at the same time. You can go the traditional traveler route and pair this jacket with some cargo pants, and vest. Or, you can modernize it and add a taste of dapper style by swapping out the the desert boots with some suede double-monks and add a fedora.

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