Italian Fashion Event with Knot Standard and Magnises

In Style by Max Twitty


Usually when it comes to online suiting I am very hesitant to even entertain the idea of going through the process. I have had VERY disappointing experiences with online suiting and promised to stay away from it. However, on March 24th I became more open to the idea after meeting with the men of Knot Standard at the Magnises townhouse. This Italian Fashion Event was created to allow men the chance to become familiar with not only the company, but also interact with some of Knot Standard’s premium fabrics. Knot Standard started in 2010 and so far the brand has already grabbed the attention of the GQ and Details magazine. Their goal is simple: Become the 21st-century’s answer to Savile Row. I had the chance to sit down with Knot’s Standard’s master tailor, Richard Benettello to go over some of the fabrics discuss the Knot Standard’s way of doing men’s suiting. 

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Richard explained the fabrics are sourced from some of the most famous and highest quality mills including Holland & Sherry, Vitale Barberis, Reda, Loro Piana and Zegna, and then sourced to some of the most experienced tailors from around the globe (like himself) to craft the finest custom made suits. I must say I was amazed with the assortment and quality of fabrics that were offered for their suits. These were two main factors that have always deterred me from online suiting. While Richard took me through the steps of picking out the fabrics and measuring me for a custom suit, he pointed out certain details about my body that other companies failed to mention such as shaping the suit’s shoulder in order to fit the circumference of my rounded and wide shoulder.

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While I didn’t leave the event with a new double-breasted suit order placed, this night was more about the interaction with the brand and testing out their customer service. The thing that sets Knot Standard apart from other online suiting companies that I’ve experienced was their attention to detail, quality of fabrics, and the knowledge each representative provided about the brand and suiting. I spoke to each member individually and they each were more than willing to answer any questions or concerns that I had about their process. Would I purchase or recommend a custom suit from the Knot Standard? Based off my interaction with the company and overall experience I would say it is worth trying out.

These photos were taken off the IPhone 6 using the Manual App. Click here for more info