John Elliott Men’s New York Fashion Week FW16 Show Backstage

In Style by The Gents Staff


We had backstage access thanks to Original & Mineral, the Australian owned company and grooming sponsor for  John Elliott’s FW16’s show. The Fall/Winter 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week was nothing short of outstanding. From cozy essentials to unique outerwear, this latest collection shows the progression from the beginning stages for the Los Angeles menswear designer. Staying true to his signature aesthetic,  the collection was called  “Over the Line,” which includes unique outwear, cozy apparel, pullovers and cool ass ponchos. 

View our coverage below. 

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Images and video provided by Sir Shane Miller for Gents Among Men

About O&M

Original & Mineral is an Australian owned company that has bridged the gap between natural and luxury for hair colour, haircare and styling. The heart of O&M is the professional colour system using CCT Clean Colour Technology in the Mineral CCT and Liquid CCT colour lines. O&M’s retail range was born from the same philosophy, to challenge the artificial norms of haircare and the belief that hair will always benefit from being free from stress. Specially formulated with native Australian ingredients, O&M’s haircare is low chemical so it puts less stress on your body without comprising quality and style.