Maintaining Your Beard

Society has accepted the many bearded men, but we cannot accept the un-kept, untamed and un-moisturized beards that we encounter on a daily basis. We get you want to have the “rugged” or “edgy” tough guy look, but seriously dude act like you still give a damn about your appearance. During the winter your skin is exposed to the cooler climates and while rocking a beards may be on tread and essential during this time, you still need to properly keep it under control. We explained how to grow one, so here is a quick guide towards keeping a healthy and well groomed lumberjack look. 


Wash and Condition – Designed strictly for manly face, Beardbrand just released their new line of bearded skincare goods. The brand’s new Beard Wash & Softener took more than a year to produce, but the wait is stated to be worth it. Free from parabens, both products in the sliver line are gentle on the skin, but strong enough to handle and moisturize coarse beard hairs. You should apply the beard wash once or twice a week, and  can use the softener daily if desired. 

71m9e+IHIsL._SL1500_Maintenance – Do not worry this isn’t about cutting your facial hair off, it is more about taking care of use hairs. The more trimmed your beard looks the sharper your jawline appears. Think of grooming your beard as an art. Do not force it, let everything flow naturally. Follow your face’s natural jawline and always use either a groomer or clippers with a guard on it to keep everything even. 

Other Tools You Can Use

A comb is a standard option but for something more durable we like Zeus Pear wood 100% Boar Beard brush. It is great for all beard types, and it easily penetrates facial hair for taming and smoothing.