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MikeB. x Cockpit USA Capsule Collection

MikeB. x Cockpit USA Capsule Collection

Mike B. calls himself the “Prince of Fashion” and with a celebrity roster that included the likes of Diddy, Alicia Keys, Migos, Chris Brown Nas, etc. the self-title seems to be very fitting. After being an image consultant for 20+ years, Mike B.  (Mike Barnett) is stepping into the forefront to provide consumers with a few leather outerwear essentials for Fall. The latest collaboration with Cockpit USA is a collection made for the fashion-forward crowd with deep pockets. I recently caught up with Mike B at his release party to get an understanding of how BOTH the “BOGARD by Mike B.” and the “Cockpit USA” collection was created and what is next for the Prince of Fashion.

What’s behind the name of the BOGARD by MikeB. collection?

What’s behind my name? It’s Building Organizations Geared Around Real Deals or Designs; depending on what’s taking place at the moment.

Why did you decide to design a collection and who do you feel it is for?

Well, I wanted to create a collection of accessories; because I felt the world needed black leather accent pieces to lay on top of their garments to enhance their look. While they bake the cake; I have the icing. The collection is unisex, so let’s start there. It’s for whoever has excellent taste in style, for whoever want’s to evolve their style. As well as for who has a taste in the detailed functionality of my product. Because I know that not everything is for everyone, but I hope everyone will love everything that I bring.

What is the range of price points?

My price points range from $150 the “Paul” Knockouts finger-less gloves, the “Zoila” $700 Backpack, to the “Highview” $2,100 3/4 Shearling coat.

Why did you collaborate with Cockpit USA?

I collaborated with Cockpit USA for the coats because I always had a dream to design leather jackets and shearlings that people would wear want to add a certain taste of cool to their look. So I knew Cockpit USA would be the perfect fit for my vision to fruition. Growing up as a kid I couldn’t get the leather Bombers and Sheepskin coats all the B-Boys and Fly Girls were wearing, so this is my homage to that era that I really love and still admire. Also because BOGARD by Mike B. accessories ( hats, gloves, scarves etc) go hand in hand with Cockpit USA’s outerwear.

What is your favorite piece in your collection?

They’re all my favorite! These are my babies; I don’t love one more than the other. Each of them serves their own individual regal purpose.

If you were styling me, what pieces do you suggest for my everyday style?

If I were styling you; I would start with a Crown for you King! Either the “Bogie fedora” $375 or the “Godfrey” drivers cap $350. On a super casual day, the ” Aaron” campers cap $300 would be a perfect fit. Then build the rest of your outfit from there.

What do you hope to bring to the industry with the BOGARD collection? 

I hope to bring to the industry, BOGARD by Mike B.’s luxurious but practical pieces with beautiful details, for everyone who dreams the world is their runway.

Which clients have worn BOGARD By MikeB.?

Folks who have worn BOGARD by MikeB. I’ve been.blessed to have the likes of Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest, Rihanna,  Ludacris, Asap Ferg, Posdnous of De La Soul, Quavo of the Migos, etc. Just to name a few; not all are clients of mine but associates I’m able to keep a rapport with.

What’s ahead for the Prince of Fashion? 

What’s next on deck, I’d rather surprise you with. That’s all I can say for now.

Will you still be a stylist or is this a full transition to designer?

Will I still be a stylist? Does Puff still make music? I say that to say; styling or personal shopping, or even closet organizing will always be in my DNA. My foundation of styling is a lovely trait to have. It’s sorta like self-therapy for me. Becoming a designer is something I was always doing for clients and myself. Now it’s time for me display my designs for the world to see.

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