Passing Down Style with Johnston and Murphy

I remember as a child I always admired my father’s style. I would watch him get dressed and told myself one day that would be me. Growing up he educated me on the benefits of investing in quality, looking your best on a budget, proper tailoring, how to tie a necktie, and how to shine my shoes properly. My first experience learning how to shine shoes was with his pair of black cap-toe Johnston and Murphy (JM) oxfords. We sat down over a glass of Famous Grouse blended scotch-whiskey, a Nat Sherman cigar, and went through each step towards getting that perfect shine.

As my personal style progressed I always had an attachment to Johnston and Murphy shoes because of my father. So when I had the chance to work with JM, I included him in this campaign for two reasons: (1) displaying the age gap is irrelevant when it comes down to a classic garments and footwear, and (2) showing how you can wear these NEW Nordstrom exclusive, burnished Italian calfskin Allred loafers two different ways: with straight-leg denim or camo joggers.

By including more modern styles and silhouettes Johnston and Murphy now has the potential to reach the younger generation that grew up with the JM name, without losing their core audience of stylish men.




What are some of your favorite memories with your father? Leave your comments below. We would love to hear your stories.