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Saving Your Relationship

Saving Your Relationship


Relationships can be stressful. We all know this but an extremely unhealthy relationship can really be damaging to your health. Depending on how severe your relationship can be it can cause you to lose or gain weight, effect your productivity at work, raise stress levels, and effect your positive relationships with other people. Regardless of who is responsible for the fight or disagreement here are are few ways how you can fix things.

1. Communication is Key. Yes it is the most obvious way to get through a disagreement. Talk it out with your partner. Be honest and as straight forward as possible without being offensive. The goal isn’t to offend but to inform your partner on what they are doing that upsets you.

2. Work it Out. If communication doesn’t work the best try working out together. Go running, Cross Fitting, boxing, etc together. Being active together is a great way to release that tension.

3. Plan a Picnic. The following day or weekend plan a picnic for your mate before the summer ends. You can talk, drink and/or read together while enjoying each other and the sun.



We all are going to go through problems in relationships but the best thing to do is try to find healthy ways that will help you either get over or resolve the issue. Remember nothing beats and solid form of communication is key. Master that and showing appreciation and you will be fine.



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