Gents Tested | Swash™: The 10 minute Wash System

  The New York minute isn't just a phase that is used loosely. Living in NYC everything you do is rushed, or at least always feels this way. 10 minutes may sound like a short amount of time, however according to the makers of the Swash™ system, that same 10 minutes is all that you will need in order to have your clothes cleaned and ready to wear. They Say: Swash™ is a revolutionary at home clothing care system that reduces wrinkles, refreshes fabrics, restores the fit lost after wear and preserves clothing, in just ten 10 minutes with the push of a button. The Trial: Before attending the Swash™ event held at the Standard Hotel in NYC, I stopped by the townhouse of world-renowned tobacconist, Nat Sherman for a cigar meeting. After spending an hour or so at in the cigar shop, I left for the Swash event and my blazer carried the tobacco aroma with me, despite even being aired out along the way. I wanted to see if the ten 10 minute machine Swash™ was good enough to get rid of the smell instead of masking it. I spoke with chief sales officer of Whirlpool, Cory Moles and asked if I could take the Swash™ challenge. Cory placed my blazer in the middle of the machine with the specialty cleaning pod and set it for 15 minutes (for a deeper clean). As we spoke on the challenges and the recent feedback the wash system has been receiving since it's announcement on the market time was up and my jacket was ready. The jacket came out looking good as new. There was no cigar smell and no shrinkage. The machine also managed to give the jacket a nice steam press. We Say: At a $499 price point, it is hard to say if the Swash™ system is for everyone. I think it is a good investment for when you need to handle delicate garments, cutting back on dry cleaning bills freshening up your wardrobe, or if you need your suit ready at the last minute. The Swash™ system will be broadly available nationwide starting in September, You can pre-order the Swash™ now exclusively at Bloomingdale’s stores and on