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The Always Essential Varsity Jacket

The Always Essential Varsity Jacket




While you may not be an actual Ivy League student or captain of the baseball team, one can still appreciate a varsity jacket. What started in Harvard not only became a sports team essential, but grew into a universal closet staple for fashion aficionado.

Back in 1865 the first varsity jacket was first invented on the campus of Harvard’s campus. The original “jacket” wasn’t even an actual jacket at the time. It was a super thick sweater that the  players would wear as uniforms. One day Harvard’s baseball team made the decision to take their uniforms and sew on a giant “H” onto the center of the sweater thus giving us the ‘letterman jacket.”

Somewhere down the road there was a wool material, contrast leather sleeves version created. Which turned out to be the most recognized version to date . If you can’t fit your college football, glory days varsity jacket then may we suggest picking up something a bit more modern like the jacket featured by John Elliott + Co. 



Outfit Details:

Varsity Jacket // John Elliott + Co (featured)

Hoodie // John Elliott + Co

Jeans // Gap

Sneakers // J-Crew

Sunglasses // Persol

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