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Before Going Sockless in the Summer

Before Going Sockless in the Summer

We know many of you cannot wait to roll up your chinos and show off your damn ankles this summer, but before you rush to go nude in your double monks, here is a three step process to know before/after you dare to go bare.


or_06X0_300Step 1 – Clean your feet using a foot scrub and/or a antibacterial liquid soap. Take your time when washing. Odor-causing bacteria feeds on dead skin.

Step 2 – Dry your feet thoroughly, moisturize, and rub an antiperspirant foot cream or foot powder between your toes and on your feet.

Step 3 – Use a Tree. Cedar shoes trees are designed to keep the form of your shoes and absorb any sweat and moisture inside,when you aren’t wearing them.

Step 4 – Pick up a quality pair of no show socks will give you a sock-less look without the extra moisture inside your shoes. 

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What Shoes Are Best?

Boats shoes, Sneakers, Loafers, Wingtip and Double Monks are all fair game when it comes down to going sockless.