30 Day Primer: Day 27 – Using a Sick Day

In 30 Day Primer - Tips To A Better You by The Gents Staff

For many of us we dread going back to work after a wonderful weekend. Even here at the office we find it difficult getting back into the swing of things after an eventful weekend. Granted when it is a holiday weekend we receive an extra day of relaxation to recover from all the alcohol consumption and partying. However, the weekend isn’t always enough time for us to get back into the swing of things.This is the perfect time to use at least one of those days to prepare yourself both mentality and physically before you go head back to your desk.
Below are a few things to remember after calling out:
1) If you’re sick, don’t be social. Fight the urge to Tweet, update or “check-in” while you are in bed “sick.” You never know who is watching.
2) Watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Why not learn a thing or two about how to enjoy a sick day by the guy who made taking a sick day legendary.
3) When you go back to work, take some meds with you and eat soup for lunch. If your are going to lie at least make it look legit.