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Wearing Pink Like a Real Man Should

Wearing Pink Like a Real Man Should

Never mind the perception of the color pink. The color was originally targeted to males and babies because it is derived from red which we all know is a stronger and more passionate color. Whereas the color blue was considered more gentle and delicate. The whole gender color phenomenon happen post-World War 2. Men came back home to reclaim their position in the workforce. So women ended up trading in their blue collar outfits for pink aprons.

Fast-forward to the 21st century men (and women) are able to freely express our love for both colors in a single outfit. Be a “real man” by sporting a pink polo or cardigan with some light weight cotton linen trousers for a relaxed weekend look. The old saying “Real men wear pink” is true for a reason. So why not play it up?






How would you include the color pink into your wardrobe? Feel free the share in the comment box below.

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J. Alex Sanchez // @Zander_x

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