Welcome to Bevel Classics

In Style by The Gents Staff


Welcome to Bevel Classics, a multimedia style experience featuring the most iconic cuts of our time. – Bevel

I had the chance to work with the Bevel team on an creative project called, Bevel Classics. The idea came from the long history of barbershops using outdated style charts on their walls for reference. Bevel decide that although these charts are a great reference points for many, it still needed an upgrade. So, the premium shaving brand decided to reach out to five top barbers in order to create what will hopefully be considered the new style chart for barbers and their shops. The barbers included the following: Marcus Harvey “The Barberstar,” Denny Moe, Faheem Alexander, Marshall Almeida, and Jomo Kenyatta.

In recent years these posters have become obsolete, hanging faded and yellowed on the wall as a tangible archive of style history. Despite the advancements in technology and trends, these style menus have remained untouched and unedited for decades. Until Now. – Bevel

Each week the Bevel team with release a different video with different stories told by not only the barbers but participants such as myself.  Below is the first part of the video series. 


Film by Jason Harper