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30 Day Primer Vol. 2: Day 11 – Motivation Monday: Speed Rope

30 Day Primer Vol. 2: Day 11 – Motivation Monday: Speed Rope

imrsHopefully when you hear the word or term jumping rope, you don’t think of a bunch of kids in the school yard. Jumping rope is a great, efficient and versatile workout tool to own. Along with resistance bands, a jump rope is something you can track your activity, carry with you on a vacation, inside briefcase or backpack in order to fit in a cardio session when the time calls for it. To help push your New Year’s resolution further, we asked Boxing Coach/Personal Trainer at Gotham Gym, Lamarr Thornton for some insider tips on how to properly handle your speed rope.  


When warming up for a boxing workout, jump rope is the standard! All it takes is one or two rounds of jump rope to get the legs, arms, and shoulders heated up for training. This is also a great exercise to build up cardio. You want to make sure that you keep those elbows close to your body, stay on the balls of those toes, and get enough air to ensure that you keep a steady fast-paced rhythm.


Instructions: Perform each exercise for 1-Minute. You will go through the round (circuit) twice. During each round make sure that you get enough height off the ground when jumping, keep a fast pace, and keep pushing!

Forward Jump / Time: 60 sec.
Jump over the rope with both feet on every revolution, swinging the rope forward (the most basic jump).

Side-to-side Jump / Time: 60 sec.
Jump a few inches to your left as you swing the rope. Then to your right. Get into a rhythm.

 Single-Leg Jump Left & Right Side / Time60 sec.
Jump on one foot; land softly.

Check back next week for part 2 of our 30 Day Primer: Motivation Monday series to learn the benefits and techniques of Shadow Boxing.  

Lamarr Thornton is a Boxing Coach/Personal Trainer at Gotham Gym located in the West Village. His experience in the sport of boxing spans over 9 years. Currently at Gotham Gym, along with private training sessions, he teaches 7-10 classes a week, all of which include intense cardio and boxing instructions.

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